Everything you Need to Know About DG Shipping E-Learning

A complete step by step guide for seafarers on DG Shipping E-Learning, we will discuss all the topics which are required for you to complete the eLearning easily.

While doing my STCW Refresher course, I talked with various seafarers and realized how difficult it is for them to do this E-learning and giving exit exams.

Hence I thought to put all the information in one single post for easy reference and created this DGS E-Learning Tutorial.

DG Shipping ELearning STCW Module

What is DG Shipping E-Learning STCW?

DG Shipping had introduced an online learning platform for Officers and Ratings to preparing for competency and STCW modular courses which we call E-Learning.

It is a new concept to enhance the knowledge of seafarers and its mandatory for all the Indian Seafarers who wish to do STCW courses including refresher course.

There are a few procedures that we need to complete before taking the exams and downloading the certificate, and that’s what we are going to discuss today in this post.

What is the Procedure for DGS E-Learning? (DG Shipping)

  • Step 1. Update Email and Phone number in DG profile.
  • Step 2. Upload your profile photo, Passport & Signature in the DGS e-Governance database.
  • STEP 3. DGS ELearning Photo Verification
  • Step 4. Enrol for STCW eLearning and complete your access time.
  • Step 5. Give your “DG Shipping E-Learning Assessment Quiz”
  • Step 6. Book for your Modular course.
  • Step 7. Give Exit Exam.
  • Step 8. Download Digital STCW certificate

Now you know all the required procedure for eLearning of STCW modular course, If you know the steps you can do it your self or else follow the Step by Step Guide as mentioned below.


How to Update Email and Phone number in DG Profile?

  1. Install Mozilla Firefox browser Skip if already Installed on your phone.
  2. Visit DG Shipping E-Governance and Login
  3. Login with user ID and Password, a User ID will be your INDOS number and Password same as Indos number and add 1 in last. (Example: ID – 01FL4928, Password – 01FL49281)
  4. After Login click on “Update Seafarers Profile
  5. Check if your Email ID and Phone number are up to date.


How do I upload a picture to my seafarer profile for E-Learning?

PLEASE NOTE: If you have updated your Photo and Signature Recently, then theirs no need to upload it again.

  • Step 1. The option for Profile image and Signature upload is not working on DG Profile.
  • Click to Upload your Profile photo and Signature.
  • Log in with your Indos number and Password. (Password same as DG Profile)
  • Click on “Verify Profile Photo” Add an image with white background.
  • Next Select “CHANGE SIGNATURE” and upload your signature and passport scan image. The signature Must be as below image.

If you are not getting the option to change signature, you are required to send an email to DG to get the option activated for you.

Below is the email format and email id.

To: ttc-dgs@nic.in
Subject: DG Profile Photo Upload Request


Dear Sir/Madam,

Request you to activate my Photo Upload option in DG Profile.
Name. (your name)
Indos No: xxxxxx
CDC No: xxxxxx
Additionally I have attached file for,
Latest photo
Signature of Candidate
Below are the courses I need to complete for renewal, 
PSSR, PST and FPFF ref.
Please grant permission to upload my Photo.
Thanking you.
(your name)

IMPORTANT: The Signature must be on a white background and the same as per passport, my Signature verification had failed twice for the following reason.

  1. Signature not on white paper (The paper was white but the image looks like yellow so edit your image with the filter before uploading)
  2. The signature was not matching with my passport.
  3. Passport and Signature photo to be in JPEG format.

Examples of Photo and Signature as required for verification.

Upload Profile Photo in DG Shipping

DG Shipping Elearning Signature Upload

Important:  Profile Photo must be in PLAIN SHIRT/COAT and in WHITE BACKGROUND

For more info on Profile Photo and Signature Click on this Link

How do you know that the profile image and signature is uploaded or verified?

You will receive Approval or Rejection SMS on your mobile phone from DG, as seen in the below image.

Signature and Profile Photo Verification Successful-min


How to Do Face Verification for DG Shipping eLearning?

Considering that you have completed the above-mentioned steps for the Photo update.

  1. Go to 
  2. you can see an option for “Additional 3 live Images for Facial Recognition Purpose”
  3. Capture three more images and you are ready for the course and exit exam.


How to Enroll for STCW Course in DG Shipping E-Learning?

  1. Visit https://dgsstcw.aduacademy.in/
  2. Click on “ENROLL NOW”
  3. Input your Indos no, Date of birth and course you wish to do and Click on Verify
  4. Confirm your email ID and mobile number is correct, click Submit.
  5. Check your Email for Login User ID and Password
  6. Complete the minimum Access time as per the course (ex PST Ref 6 hrs, FPFF Ref 9 hrs)
  7. You can check your access time report from “my Learning” Login with Indos and DOB
  8. Look at “TOPIC ACCESSED” time and not the total login time in my learning.

STEP 5: Once you finished the required Assessed time, give the “Assessment Test”

STEP 6: Book your STCW Modular Course and complete Online Classes

I will be showing you an example of Yak Maritime and almost all of the institutes are using the same software so the procedure would be the same as well.

Please watch the video for the complete process of online classes conducted by training institutes.


STEP 7: DGS Exit Exam.

We have covered this topic in a separate post, click on the link for a video tutorial and complete information.

Read: A Step by Step Guide on How to Give DGS Exit Exam Successfully

Step 8. Download Digital STCW certificate


Q1. DG Shipping e-Learning user id and password?
Ans. Check your email ID where the User ID and Password was sent to you by DGS, User ID will be your email ID.

If you do not remember your password click on forget password and you will receive a new password on your registered email.

Q2. What is the DGS ELearning helpline number?
Ans. There is no helpline number but, you can raise your query online via a support ticket. Go to https://dgsstcw.aduacademy.in/#crs

Q3. What is the validity of DGS E-Learning?
Ans. After the enrollment, you have SIX months to complete all the module.

There are a lot more to add to this post and I will keep on updating it based on the feedback from our seafarer community. You can contact me on  Telegram @MarinerAT, If you have any suggestion on DGS E-Learning.