iMariners is a blog which covers various topics related to shipping, earlier was known as OOWorals.com & Indianmariners.in

The purpose of this blog is to share knowledge. 

OOW Orals and SQA OOW Prep

Ajit Tiwari [Creator of iMariners]

Mariner – Dreamer – Achiever.

You can find me on Telegram @iMarinersGroup |  Facebook.

Our Services:

  1. UK COC Assistance – Commencing soon
  2. Admission in GP Rating Course

Apart from Shipping, I have entered into the path of Trading into stock market where am learning about technical analysis and I found this very interesting.

I like reading books and Kindle is my best friend while am onboard ship.

Books you must read:

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad
  2. You Can Win
  3. Freedom is not Free
  4. Living with Honour
  5. Millionares Mindset