{Latest} DG Shipping Exit Exam Procedures – Step by Step Guide

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I have also uploaded a latest 2022 LIVE EXIT EXAM VIDEO TUTORIAL below this post, now based on your preference you can either watch a video or read this article.

We have also created a FAQ section at the end of the post where if you still have any doubt might get answered.

Let get Started…

DG Shipping EXIT Exam

The Procedure of Exit Exam by DG Shipping

  1. You need a desktop or laptop for the exam,
  2. The first thing you need to do is go to https://www.dgsexams.in/
  3. Input your Indos number
  4. it might ask you to update your details within the page, like mobile number, email, passport etc.
  5. On the right-hand side, you can see a few instructions.
  6. Point (1) says “CLICK ON DOWNLOAD” and a .exe file will start downloading
  7. Check for the downloaded “DGSSecureSoftware.exe” file in your download section
  8. Double click on “DGSSecureSoftware.exe” and a black colour window will open
  9. Input your INDOS number and press enter wait for the software to upload an exam licence on your PC/Laptop.
  10. Now you have completed all the required settings for your DG Shipping Exit Exam
  11. Point no 6. “CLICK ON THE REFRESH” button to start your course.
  12. Select the “Course EXAM” you want to take and click on “TAKE TEST”
  13. In the next window click on “PROCEED TEST”
  14. the browser will ask for “CAMERA PERMISSION” click on “ALLOW”
  15. tick the two check box, which says you have updated your profile photo and you are sitting in a silent room with proper lighting and you will always look on to the screen.
  16. a new button will appear on the same screen click on that “CLICK HERE FOR YOUR PHOTO”
  17. it will automatically VERIFY YOUR PHOTO and a new button will appear “CLICK HERE TO PROCEED EXAM”
  18. And your “EXAM WILL START”
  19. After you finish answering the 30 Questions
  20. after Question no 30 press on “SUBMIT TEST” and wait for RESULT
  21. Click on “BACK TO HOMEPAGE”
  22. Congratulations you have successfully completed the DG Shipping EXIT EXAM

How to Download STCW Certificate after DG Shipping Exit Exam?

  1. Go to DG Shipping INDOS Checker
  2. Select STCW Course and input INDOS no and Date of Birth
  3. Select your course and once it opens, click on Download.
  4. You can watch the below video to Download your digitally signed STCW certificate after the exit exam conducted by DG Shipping.


?. DGS Exit Exam Login Procedure
Ans: Check the above instructions or watch the video.

?. What is the timing of DG Shipping Exit Exams?
Ans: After finishing your course you can give an exit exam between 1000 -1700 Hrs. 

?. Can we give the Exit Exam on Sunday?
Ans: No

?. How to take DG Shipping E-learning Mock Test?
Ans: Visit https://www.dgsexams.in/ and input your Indos number, for more info watch the video on Youtube here. Mock text is not available between 1000 – 1700 hrs

?. Where I can find the DG Shipping Exit Exam circular?
Ans: I have uploaded the latest circular

?. Exit Exam by DG Shipping Questions?
Ans: We are collecting all the Questions which comes in exit exams, to create a exam like quiz, so that you can practice before giving exams.

?. Where I can see my results?
Ans: Once you finish your exams the result will be available instantly to you, for details check the above video of the exit exam. 

?. Can I give Exit Exam if my E-Learning has Expired?
Ans: Yes, you can give the Exit Exam but the certificate will be not issued until you complete your e-learning. Once the e-learning and assessment is completed again, contact your institute and they will process your documents for Certificate generation.

?. What is the validity of DGS E-Learning?
Ans. After the enrollment, you have SIX months to complete all the module.

?. How many Exit Exams I can give per day?
Ans. You can give only One Exam per day from One Laptop/PC, the device and IP gets blocked after that. But if you have another PC/Laptop with different IP address (Internet connection) you can give another exam as well.

Errors You See on DGS Exit Exam Login Page

?. DG Exit Exam you are not Authorised
Ans: Usually this error comes if you try to give exams just after your online classes, after finishing your course all some time to Institute to complete the after course procedure. Once the Institute finishes the after course formalities the error will be gone.

?. Already made attempt on another machine. Try after 30 Minutes
Ans. Means you have already logged in and locked out of the device and now you can login again after 30 minutes.

?. My DG Shipping Exit Exam “IP Address has been Blocked”
Ans: You can give only one exam in 24 hours period from One IP address, you can give your exam next day after 24 hours. Try with different IP or use your mobile as Hotspot.

?. The following screen Sharing Applications are running in your system. Kindly close All Your Screen Sharing Applications. Your Machine Running with Screen Sharing Aoo, Skype.ex or Any Desk or Zoom.
Ans. Uninstall the the app and disable your Antivirus, If you cant disable then delete your Anti Virus Software.

?. For Security Reason Your Device Has Been Locked.

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