Shipping Companies in INDIA with DG Shipping RPSL

List of RPSL companies approved by DG Shipping in India, a quick reference list to check the RPSL Shipping companies in India if they are genuine or not.

The list has been updated on 01 May 2023.

RPSL Companies in India

Valid DG Shipping RPSl List

RPSL NoCompany Name
RPSL-MUM-002Abs Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-003Chettinad Marine & Offshore
RPSL-MUM-004Rb British Marine Plc.
RPSL-MUM-006Jesseena Marine Services
RPSL-MUM-007Jubilant Enpro Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-008Van Oord India Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-009Pentagon Marine Services
RPSL-MUM-011Torm Shipping India Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-014Seaspan Crew Mgmt India
RPSL-MUM-015Aquarius International Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-016Northern Marine Mgmt (India)
RPSL-MUM-018Wilhelmsen Ship Mgmt(India)
RPSL-MUM-019Orient Ship Mgmt & Manning
RPSL-MUM-022Chellaram Shipping Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-023Ims Ship Mgmt Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-024Geepee Shipping Agencies
RPSL-MUM-030D’Amico Ships Ishima (India)
RPSL-MUM-032Eastern Pacific Shipping (I)
RPSL-MUM-034(Invalid) Ebony Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-035Seaking International
RPSL-MUM-036Lalkar Marine Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-037Nautical Marine Mgmt Service
RPSL-MUM-038Ocs Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-041Snp Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-042Alpha Omega Ship Mgmt
RPSL-MUM-043Mms Maritime Agency (India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-045Cenmar Maritime Agencies (India)
RPSL-MUM-047Knk Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-048Fleet Personnel Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-049Elite Mariners Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-050Marine Management Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-052Msc Crewing Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-054Marlow Navigation India Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-055Bw Maritime Pte. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-056Herald Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-058Andromeda Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-059Albatross Marine Services
RPSL-MUM-061Lilly Maritime Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-062Carnival Support Services India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-064Mol Maritime (India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-065K Steamship Agencies Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-066Wallem Ship Management (India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-069Svs Marine Services (P) Ltd
RPSL-MUM-071Confidence Shipping Co. Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-073Xt Ship Management India Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-074High Tide Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-075Sabino Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-078Exmar Shipmanagement India Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-080Timeline Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-082V. Ships India Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-083Columbus Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-084Naavex Marine Services
RPSL-MUM-088Anglo Eastern Ship Mgmt Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-093Sealandia Crew Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-094Drs Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-095Joncia Marine Services, Goa
RPSL-MUM-097Orion Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-098Vgg India Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-100Crest Maritime Services
RPSL-MUM-101Udya Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-104Asp Crew Mgmt Service (India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-105Seafarers, Goa
RPSL-MUM-106Teekay Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-108Atlantic Bay Shipping Co
RPSL-MUM-110N. Deep Sea Shipping & Manning Services
RPSL-MUM-116Vernel Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-117Macaroni Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-122Ami Manning Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-125Goodwood Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-126Ryan Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-130Naz Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-131Marnavi Shipping Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-139Summai Shipping Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-140Asia Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-142Bernhard Schulte Ship Mgmt Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-144Campbell Shipping Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-145Aurum Marine Mgmt Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-146Msi Shipping Services India Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-148Qatar Shipping Company (India)Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-149Quadrant Maritime Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-150Beacon Marine Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-155Tolani Shipping Company
RPSL-MUM-157Hermes Ship Mgmt Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-158Ganpati Hospitality Services Private Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-159Ocean Continental Shipping & Logistics
RPSL-MUM-161Yuam Crew Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-163Ip Marine Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-164Apac Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-165Scorpio Marine Management (I) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-167Sea Royal Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-168Brukaan Ship & Offshore Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-172Elegant Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-173Pragati Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-176Amos Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-177Sea & Seas Shipping Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-178Oscar Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-180Interocean Shipping (I) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-181A-Sree Shipping & Trading Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-182K R Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-183Saikripa Foods Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-191Dockendale Ship Mgmt (India) Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-196Ocean Sparkle Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-197Unimar Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-198Ind- Aust Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-199Vr Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-200Tangar Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-201Shan Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-203Sals Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-205M.T.M. Ship Management (India) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-207Sea Trading Services & Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-210R.R. Samudrika Marine & Infrastructure Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-208Medallion Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-211Omega Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-217Helia Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-218Bridgeview Maritime Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-219Hiren International
RPSL-MUM-220Executive Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-221Sakshihritika Marine Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-222Saraf Corporation India Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-225Executive Offshore (I) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-226Seawisdom Shipping Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-227Genmarco Maritime Servies Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-229Rigel Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-230Tejas Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-232Deewine Ship Mgmt & Marine Services Ltd
RPSL-MUM-236Dynacom Tankers Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-237Qship Maritime Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-238World Tankers Crewing (I) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-239Anglo Eastern Maritime Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-240Nyk Ship Management (I) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-243Krimson Offshore Llp
RPSL-MUM-245Sss Maritime Services & Consultants Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-247Indus Hospitality Careers & Training Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-251Apex Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-253Hind Offshore Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-254Shri Mahavir Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-257Marine Tech Ship Managers & Surveyors
RPSL-MUM-259Libra International Shipping Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-261Polestar Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-264Loyalty Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-269Glance One Ship Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-270(Invalid) Rassiya Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-271Airborne Recruiting Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-273Dee Vee Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-275Kamaxi Overseas Consultants
RPSL-MUM-276Forbes Bumi Armada Limited
RPSL-MUM-278Bluesea Shipping Enterprises
RPSL-MUM-279S.K. Engineering Shipping & Trading
RPSL-MUM-281Chahar & Chahar Shipping Co. Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-282Tsms Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-284Zodiac Maritime Agancies (I) Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-286Fleet Management India Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-287Gurship Maritime Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-288Apple Marine Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-290Oceanic Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-292Seabase Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-294Rsm Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-295Abb Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-297Yash Offshore Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-298Nhk Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-300Yak Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-301Ashutosh Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-304Uxmal Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-307Bhn Offshore Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-308A G Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-309Shipteck Marine Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-310Sarang Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-311Earth Ocean Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-312Amazon Vessel Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-313Uniship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-315Ad Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-316Asms Alamgir Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-318Pelagia Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-319Aark Shipping & Manning Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-320Navig8 Shipmanagement Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-326D'Scorpio Vessels Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-327Navy Line Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-328Uniseas Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-330Star Sea Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-334Rudraksh Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-337Auburn Shipmanagement
RPSL-MUM-339D.S.G. Ship Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-340Amaze Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-342Sai Maritime And Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-346Gurukripa Marine Service Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-348Bellfranc Allied Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-349(Invalid) Seaswan Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-350Buena Vista Shipping Llp
RPSL-MUM-351Shanti Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-353New Horizons Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-358M J Offshore & Marine Services Llp
RPSL-MUM-359Ace Ship Navigation Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-360Seaprime Marine Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-361Able Angel Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-363Jubilant Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-364Vast Shipping And Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-367Ausland Ship Mgmt Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-368 Hoger Offshore And Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-370Bls Ship Mangement Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-372Pg Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-373Aurus Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-378Riomarr Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-380Starship Vessel Mangagement Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-382Alphard Maritieme Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-383Vertitide Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-384Keyline Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-391Oath Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-397Arise Ship Management LLP
RPSL-MUM-387Aza Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-399Ar Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-400Tw Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-401Trinitas Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-403Antares Marine India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-405Asm Alliance Management Services
RPSL-MUM-408Suchna Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-409Meridian Marine Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-412Boj Nessa Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-416Indiana Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-419Trishika Marine Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-421Partrick Ocean Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-425Offshore Intl Mgmt(India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-426Royal Carribean Manning India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-427T-Erudite Ship Managers Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-429Gps Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-430Ouvert Marine Solutions Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-431Rafsha Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-432R.K. Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-434Marine Wave Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-438Rohi Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-439(Invalid) Almighty Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-440Saika Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-441Atlantas Crew Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-443(invalid) Three Bees Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-444(invalid) Easterling Ship Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-445Phelix Shipping Ventures Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-446Indocean Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-447(invalid) Native Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-449Arunima Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-451Twilight Shipping Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-452(invalid) Pacific Star Navigation Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-453Seashore Marine Academy Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-455M A Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-456(invalid) Marina Maritime
RPSL-MUM-460Tapti Waterways Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-461Olympia Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-463(invalid) Shraddha Maritime Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-464(invalid) Cope Maritime Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-465(invalid) Siddhi Vinayak Professional Academy Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-466Machtrans Ship Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-467Malawat Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-468Swaraj Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-469(invalid) Sablink Shipmanagement Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-470(invalid) Ekdanta Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-471(invalid) Shiraj Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-472(invalid) Pelorus Shipping Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-473Priti Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-474(invalid) Greatship Oilfield Services Limited
RPSL-MUM-475(invalid) Seaeagle Navigators Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-476(Invalid) Tarkash Marine Services (Opc) Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-477Brine Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-482(Invalid) Global Tankers Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-483(invalid) Arya Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-487Sbm Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-489Seaarland Management Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-490Maersk Line Fleet Mgmt And Technology India Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-493Skkr Maritime Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-494Gaur Hari Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-496Siddhi Ocean Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-497Orion Ship Management Llp
RPSL-MUM-498Bwm Ship Management And Finance Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-499Ajdin Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-500Total Marine (India) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-501Leomaris Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-503Navagath Mercantile Fleet Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-504Sai Build Career (Opc) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-505Premier Placement Services
RPSL-MUM-506Oceanic Star Shipping Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-507Run Marine Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1000Al Taher Liaison Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-1001Atlas Dias India Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-1002Dolphin & Octopus Marine Services (Opc)
RPSL-MUM-1003Tomini Shipping Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-1004Bhumi Rise Llp
RPSL-MUM-1005Eklavya Ship & Crew Mgmt(Opc) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1006(Invalid) Nautai Marine Services And Trading Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1007Indman Marine Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1008Navimar Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1009Ayz Maritime Navigation Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1010Shaula Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1012 Jayindra Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1013Melody Shipmanagement Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1014Travexaaz Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1015Aavishka Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1016Clipper Oceans Ventures India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1017Wedge Bay Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1018 Sunglow Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-1019Crew Sarge Maritime Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1021 Peninsular Maritime India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1022 Thome India Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1023Msa Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1025 The Shipping Corporation Of India
RPSL-MUM-1026Varren Marine Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1027Seavantek Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162020Bbn Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162021Oceanonesm Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162023 Galleon Shipping Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162025Earwyn Marine Services
RPSL-MUM-162026 Active Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162027 Squadron Shipping Solutions Llp
RPSL-MUM-162028Setrac Maritime Training & Welfare Organisation
RPSL-MUM-162029Seatruck Marine Services
RPSL-MUM-162030 West Coast Marine Yacht Services
RPSL-MUM-162031Full Ahead Marine & Offshore
RPSL-MUM-162032 Osm India Crew Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162033Maritec Tanker Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162034 Sinasta Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162036Rarity Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162038 Unaone Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162040Dufferin Maritime Llp
RPSL-MUM-162041Etheronic Ship Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162042Sea Wave Peace Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162043Marshal Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162044Sea Ship Navigation Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162046Sea Speed Marine Services Llp
RPSL-MUM-162047Modern Fleet Ship Management Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162048Arinah Shipping Services Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162049Ocean Achiever Marine Management Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162050Ods Shipping Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162051Vikrant Maritime Services Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162052Reliable Marine And Technical Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162053Is India Marine Technical Services Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162054Oceanlogiks Shipping Services Llp
RPSL-MUM-162055Bdi Offshore Supplier & Services (Opc) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162056Mahadeva Shipping & Management Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162057Mirsh Ship Management Service Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162058Varbat Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162059Rodic Navigation Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162060Nordships Maritime Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162061Csmpl India Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162062Csms Shipping Services (Opc) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162063Nippon India Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162064Arlo Ship Management Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162065North Shipping Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162066Centauri Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162067Shoolin Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162068Sadhav Shipping Limited
RPSL-MUM-162069Lionheart Shipping Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162070Aranc Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162071Legend Marine Shipping Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162072Nauticfleet Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162073Fairmacs Catering Company Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162074Jbs Marine And Logistics Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162075Ghanashvi Maritime Services India Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162076Vigil Sea Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-1620777 Star Ship Management Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162078Nawa Marine Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162081Intermarine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162082Avitron Ocean Llp
RPSL-MUM-162083Far Seas Shipping Agency Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162084Dwello Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162085Vega Star Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162086Blue Fortune Ship Management Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162087Damon Offshore & Engineering Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162088Black Gold Marine Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162089Adyah Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162090Acornship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162091Oasis Fleet Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162092Ras Ship Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162093Resurgence Ship Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162094Navires Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-162095Dulari Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162096Vigma Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162097Vighnahara Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162098Taurus Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162099Nereus Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1621007Star Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162101RS Angel Ship Mgmt OPC Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162102SPM Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162103ITF Marine Services (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162104Eastaway (India) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162105Uniocean Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162106Bloom Sprint Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162107Nex Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162108First Fine Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162109World Ships Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162110Energios Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162111Naess Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162112Trishula Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162113Avvic Ocean LLP
RPSL-MUM-162114Elvis Ship Management LLP
RPSL-MUM-162115Adishakti Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162116Kiah WorldWide Shipping Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162117Olympia Shipping & Logistic Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162118Shreysun Global Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162119MAS Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162120Seraphic Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162121Aqua Ocean Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162122Shinning Star Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162123Lascar Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162124Cliff Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162125Avisa Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162127WillMar Shipping Solution LLP
RPSL-MUM-162128Delta Marine Training Institute Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162129TightShip Shipping Management (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162130H2Gen Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162131Icoon Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162132SNP Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162133Tristarr Maritime & Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162134XFinity Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162135Olympus Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162136Linguist Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162137Bombay SHip Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162138Sunlight Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162139All Weather Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162140Ocean Fortune Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162141Loadline Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162142GSR Maritime Ventures LLP
RPSL-MUM-162143Uninaut Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162144Agata Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162145D'Lat Ship Management LLP
RPSL-MUM-162146Grit Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162147DLS Marine Solution LLP
RPSL-MUM-162148G.Line Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162149Shorox Shipping (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162150Helmsman Ship Management (India) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162151HSM Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162152APS21 Marine Shipping Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162153Alba Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.