Shipping Companies in INDIA with DG Shipping RPSL

List of RPSL companies approved by DG Shipping in India, a quick reference list to check the RPSL companies in India if they are genuine or not.

RPSL Companies in India

Valid DG Shipping RPSl List

RPSL NoCompany Name
RPSL-MUM-002Abs Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-003Chettinad Marine & Offshore
RPSL-MUM-004Rb British Marine Plc.
RPSL-MUM-006Jesseena Marine Services
RPSL-MUM-007Jubilant Enpro Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-008Van Oord India Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-009Pentagon Marine Services
RPSL-MUM-011Torm Shipping India Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-014Seaspan Crew Mgmt India
RPSL-MUM-015Aquarius International Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-016Northern Marine Mgmt (India)
RPSL-MUM-018Wilhelmsen Ship Mgmt(India)
RPSL-MUM-019Orient Ship Mgmt & Manning
RPSL-MUM-022Chellaram Shipping Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-023Ims Ship Mgmt Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-024Geepee Shipping Agencies
RPSL-MUM-030D’Amico Ships Ishima (India)
RPSL-MUM-032Eastern Pacific Shipping (I)
RPSL-MUM-034(Invalid) Ebony Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-035Seaking International
RPSL-MUM-036Lalkar Marine Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-037Nautical Marine Mgmt Service
RPSL-MUM-038Ocs Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-041Snp Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-042Alpha Omega Ship Mgmt
RPSL-MUM-043Mms Maritime Agency (India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-045Cenmar Maritime Agencies (India)
RPSL-MUM-047Knk Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-048Fleet Personnel Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-049Elite Mariners Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-050Marine Management Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-052Msc Crewing Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-054Marlow Navigation India Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-055Bw Maritime Pte. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-056Herald Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-058Andromeda Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-059Albatross Marine Services
RPSL-MUM-061Lilly Maritime Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-062Carnival Support Services India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-064Mol Maritime (India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-065K Steamship Agencies Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-066Wallem Ship Management (India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-069Svs Marine Services (P) Ltd
RPSL-MUM-071Confidence Shipping Co. Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-073Xt Ship Management India Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-074High Tide Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-075Sabino Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-078Exmar Shipmanagement India Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-080Timeline Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-082V. Ships India Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-083Columbus Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-084Naavex Marine Services
RPSL-MUM-088Anglo Eastern Ship Mgmt Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-093Sealandia Crew Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-094Drs Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-095Joncia Marine Services, Goa
RPSL-MUM-097Orion Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-098Vgg India Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-100Crest Maritime Services
RPSL-MUM-101Udya Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-104Asp Crew Mgmt Service (India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-105Seafarers, Goa
RPSL-MUM-106Teekay Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-108Atlantic Bay Shipping Co
RPSL-MUM-110N. Deep Sea Shipping & Manning Services
RPSL-MUM-114(Invalid) Offshore International Mgmt Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-115(Invalid) Fortune Shipping Lines Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-116Vernel Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-117Macaroni Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-121(Invalid) Uniship Marine Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-122Ami Manning Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-124(Invalid) Sun Techmarine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-125Goodwood Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-126Ryan Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-130Naz Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-131Marnavi Shipping Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-139Summai Shipping Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-140Asia Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-142Bernhard Schulte Ship Mgmt Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-144Campbell Shipping Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-145Aurum Marine Mgmt Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-146Msi Shipping Services India Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-148Qatar Shipping Company (India)Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-149Quadrant Maritime Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-150Beacon Marine Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-151Marine Solutionz Ship Mgmt Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-155Tolani Shipping Company
RPSL-MUM-157Hermes Ship Mgmt Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-158Ganpati Hospitality Services Private Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-159Ocean Continental Shipping & Logistics
RPSL-MUM-161Yuam Crew Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-163Ip Marine Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-164Apac Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-165Scorpio Marine Management (I) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-167Sea Royal Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-168Brukaan Ship & Offshore Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-169(Invalid) Crowleyaccord Marine Mgmt Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-170(Invalid) Indico Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-171(Invalid) Ssa Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-172Elegant Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-173Pragati Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-176Amos Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-177Sea & Seas Shipping Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-178Oscar Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-180Interocean Shipping (I) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-181A-Sree Shipping & Trading Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-182K R Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-183Saikripa Foods Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-191Dockendale Ship Mgmt (India) Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-196Ocean Sparkle Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-197Unimar Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-198Ind- Aust Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-199Vr Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-200Tangar Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-201Shan Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-203Sals Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-205M.T.M. Ship Management (India) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-208Medallion Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-213Seaways Offshore Marine India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-215Anchorjobs Goa Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-217Helia Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-218Bridgeview Maritime Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-219Hiren International
RPSL-MUM-220Executive Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-221Sakshihritika Marine Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-222Saraf Corporation India Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-225Executive Offshore (I) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-226Seawisdom Shipping Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-227Genmarco Maritime Servies Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-229Rigel Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-230Tejas Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-232Deewine Ship Mgmt & Marine Services Ltd
RPSL-MUM-236Dynacom Tankers Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-237Qship Maritime Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-238World Tankers Crewing (I) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-239Anglo Eastern Maritime Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-240Nyk Ship Management (I) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-243Krimson Offshore Llp
RPSL-MUM-245Sss Maritime Services & Consultants Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-247Indus Hospitality Careers & Training Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-251Apex Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-253Hind Offshore Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-256Thome Shipping (I) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-257Marine Tech Ship Managers & Surveyors
RPSL-MUM-259Libra International Shipping Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-261Polestar Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-264Loyalty Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-268Nams Ship Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-269Glance One Ship Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-270(Invalid) Rassiya Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-271Airborne Recruiting Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-273Dee Vee Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-275Kamaxi Overseas Consultants
RPSL-MUM-276Forbes Bumi Armada Limited
RPSL-MUM-278Bluesea Shipping Enterprises
RPSL-MUM-279S.K. Engineering Shipping & Trading
RPSL-MUM-281Chahar & Chahar Shipping Co. Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-282Tsms Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-284Zodiac Maritime Agancies (I) Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-286Fleet Management India Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-287Gurship Maritime Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-288Apple Marine Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-290Oceanic Shipping Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-291Arctic Offshore And Manning Co Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-292Seabase Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-294Rsm Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-295Abb Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-297Yash Offshore Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-298Nhk Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-300Yak Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-301Ashutosh Marine Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-304Uxmal Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-307Bhn Offshore Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-308A G Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-309Shipteck Marine Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-310Sarang Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-311Earth Ocean Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-312Amazon Vessel Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-313Uniship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-315Ad Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-316Asms Alamgir Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-317Dp Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-318Pelagia Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-319Aark Shipping & Manning Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-320Navig8 Shipmanagement Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-327Navy Line Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-328Uniseas Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-330Star Sea Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-334Rudraksh Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-337Auburn Shipmanagement
RPSL-MUM-339D.S.G. Ship Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-340Amaze Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-342Sai Maritime And Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-346Gurukripa Marine Service Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-348Bellfranc Allied Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-349(Invalid) Seaswan Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-350Buena Vista Shipping Llp
RPSL-MUM-351Shanti Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-353New Horizons Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-358M J Offshore & Marine Services Llp
RPSL-MUM-359Ace Ship Navigation Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-360Seaprime Marine Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-361Able Angel Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-363Jubilant Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-364Vast Shipping And Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-367Ausland Ship Mgmt Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-368 Hoger Offshore And Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-370Bls Ship Mangement Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-372Pg Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-373Aurus Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-378Riomarr Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-380Starship Vessel Mangagement Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-382Alphard Maritieme Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-383Vertitide Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-384Keyline Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-387Aza Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-399Ar Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-400Tw Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-400Tw Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-401Trinitas Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-403Antares Marine India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-405Asm Alliance Management Services
RPSL-MUM-408Suchna Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-409Meridian Marine Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-412Boj Nessa Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-416Indiana Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-421Partrick Ocean Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-425Offshore Intl Mgmt(India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-426Royal Carribean Manning India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-427T-Erudite Ship Managers Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-429Gps Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-430Ouvert Marine Solutions Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-431Rafsha Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-432R.K. Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-434Marine Wave Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-438Rohi Global Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-439(Invalid) Almighty Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-440Saika Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-441Atlantas Crew Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-443Three Bees Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-444Easterling Ship Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-445Phelix Shipping Ventures Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-446Indocean Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-447Native Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-449Arunima Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-451Twilight Shipping Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-452Pacific Star Navigation Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-453Seashore Marine Academy Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-455M A Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-456Marina Maritime
RPSL-MUM-460Tapti Waterways Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-461Olympia Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-463Shraddha Maritime Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-464Cope Maritime Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-465Siddhi Vinayak Professional Academy Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-466Machtrans Ship Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-467Malawat Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-468Swaraj Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-469Sablink Shipmanagement Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-470Ekdanta Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-471Shiraj Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-472Pelorus Shipping Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-473Priti Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-474Greatship Oilfield Services Limited
RPSL-MUM-475Seaeagle Navigators Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-476(Invalid) Tarkash Marine Services (Opc) Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-477Brine Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-482(Invalid) Global Tankers Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-483Arya Offshore Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-484Darya Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-486Blackhull Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-487Sbm Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-489Seaarland Management Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-490Maersk Line Fleet Mgmt And Technology India Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-491Fs Maritime Services Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-493Skkr Maritime Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-494Gaur Hari Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-495Sunrich Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-496Siddhi Ocean Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-497Orion Ship Management Llp
RPSL-MUM-498Bwm Ship Management And Finance Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-499Ajdin Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-500Total Marine (India) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-501Leomaris Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-503Navagath Mercantile Fleet Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-504Sai Build Career (Opc) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-505Premier Placement Services
RPSL-MUM-506Oceanic Star Shipping Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-507Run Marine Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1000Al Taher Liaison Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-1001Atlas Dias India Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-1002Dolphin & Octopus Marine Services (Opc)
RPSL-MUM-1003Tomini Shipping Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-1004Bhumi Rise Llp
RPSL-MUM-1005Eklavya Ship & Crew Mgmt(Opc) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1006(Invalid) Nautai Marine Services And Trading Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1007Indman Marine Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1008Navimar Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1009Ayz Maritime Navigation Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1010Shaula Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1012 Jayindra Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1013Melody Shipmanagement Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1014Travexaaz Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1015Aavishka Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1016Clipper Oceans Ventures India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1017Wedge Bay Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1018 Sunglow Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-1019Crew Sarge Maritime Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1021 Peninsular Maritime India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1022 Thome India Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1023Msa Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1025 The Shipping Corporation Of India
RPSL-MUM-1026Varren Marine Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1027Seavantek Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162020Bbn Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162021Oceanonesm Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162023 Galleon Shipping Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162025Earwyn Marine Services
RPSL-MUM-162026 Active Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162027 Squadron Shipping Solutions Llp
RPSL-MUM-162028Setrac Maritime Training & Welfare Organisation
RPSL-MUM-162029Seatruck Marine Services
RPSL-MUM-162030 West Coast Marine Yacht Services
RPSL-MUM-162031Full Ahead Marine & Offshore
RPSL-MUM-162032 Osm India Crew Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162033Maritec Tanker Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162034 Sinasta Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162036Rarity Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162038 Unaone Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162040Dufferin Maritime Llp
RPSL-MUM-162042Sea Wave Peace Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162043Marshal Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162044Sea Ship Navigation Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162046Sea Speed Marine Services Llp
RPSL-MUM-162047Modern Fleet Ship Management Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162048Arinah Shipping Services Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162049Ocean Achiever Marine Management Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162050Ods Shipping Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162051Vikrant Maritime Services Pvt Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162052Reliable Marine And Technical Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162053Is India Marine Technical Services Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162054Oceanlogiks Shipping Services Llp
RPSL-MUM-162055Bdi Offshore Supplier & Services (Opc) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162056Mahadeva Shipping & Management Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162057Mirsh Ship Management Service Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162058Varbat Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162059Rodic Navigation Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162060Nordships Maritime Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162061Csmpl India Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162062Csms Shipping Services (Opc) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162063Nippon India Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162064Arlo Ship Management Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162065North Shipping Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162066Centauri Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162067Shoolin Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162068Sadhav Shipping Limited
RPSL-MUM-162069Lionheart Shipping Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162070Aranc Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162071Legend Marine Shipping Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162072Nauticfleet Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162073Fairmacs Catering Company Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162074Jbs Marine And Logistics Pvt.Ltd 
RPSL-MUM-162075Ghanashvi Maritime Services India Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162076Vigil Sea Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-1620777 Star Ship Management Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162078Nawa Marine Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162081Intermarine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162082Avitron Ocean Llp
RPSL-MUM-162083Far Seas Shipping Agency Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162084Dwello Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162085Vega Star Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162086Blue Fortune Ship Management Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162087Damon Offshore & Engineering Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162088Black Gold Marine Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162089Adyah Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-162090Acornship Management Pvt.Ltd

Invalid DGS RPSL Company List

RPSL NoCompany Name
RPSL-MUM-001(Invalid) Executive Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-005(Invalid) Roop sawroop
RPSL-MUM-010(Invalid) Seaarland Mgmt Services
RPSL-MUM-012(Invalid) Seaworld Ship Mgmt Services
RPSL-MUM-013(Invalid) Deejay Marine Enterprises
RPSL-MUM-017OMCI Shipmanagement
RPSL-MUM-020(Invalid) Forbes Gokak Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-021Orient Express Ship Mgmt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-025(Invalid) J.M.Baxi
RPSL-MUM-026(Invalid) Paramount Shipping & Mgmt
RPSL-MUM-027APS Maritime Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-028(Invalid) Royal Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-029(Invalid) OSM Maritime Services
RPSL-MUM-031N A Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-033(Invalid) Seahorse Ship Agencies
RPSL-MUM-034(Invalid) Ebony Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-039(Invalid) Killick Marine Services Ltd
RPSL-MUM-040(Invalid) United Ocean Ship Mgmt
RPSL-MUM-044(Invalid) WestAsia Exports& Imports
RPSL-MUM-046(Invalid) Worldwide Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-051Anglo Eastern Ship Management Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-053(Invalid) Elektrans Shipping Private Limited
RPSL-MUM-057(Invalid) Link India Marine
RPSL-MUM-060(Invalid) Maersk India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-063(Invalid) Dynacom Tankers Management Ltd
RPSL-MUM-067Dockendale Shipping Co. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-068(Invalid) Adsteam Agency (I) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-070(Invalid) West Coast Maritime Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-072(Invalid) Race Shipping & Transport Co. Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-076(Invalid) Noha Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-077(Invalid) World Tankers Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-079(Invalid) Seven Seas Navigation India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-081(Invalid) Genoa Maritime Ltd
RPSL-MUM-085(Invalid) Aarti Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-086(Invalid) Berry Interoceanic Company
RPSL-MUM-087(Invalid) Vigil Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-089(Invalid) East India Shipping Agency
RPSL-MUM-090(Invalid) Pacific Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-091(Invalid) Sunship Marine Ltd
RPSL-MUM-092Mehdi Bros Ship Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-096(Invalid) blank
RPSL-MUM-099(Invalid) Ocean Host Management & Edu Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-102(Invalid) Five Stars Bulkcarriers Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-103(Invalid) Ishima International Ship Mgmt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-107(Invalid) blank
RPSL-MUM-109(Invalid) Antalantic Way Shipping co.
RPSL-MUM-111(Invalid) Oyster Shipmanagement Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-112(Invalid) Lakshay Karan Overseas Marine & Eng.
RPSL-MUM-113(Invalid) Scilent technology .M/s.Paradigm Marine
RPSL-MUM-118(Invalid) Chinar Shipping & Infrastrecture Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-119(Invalid) Garuda Catering Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-120Luminus Energy Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-121(Invalid) Uniship Marine Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-123(Invalid) Ocean Dolphin Ships Management
RPSL-MUM-124(Invalid) Sun Techmarine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-127(Invalid) Starship Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-128(Invalid) Vindhyawashini Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-129(Invalid) Ibbana Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-132(Invalid) SPS Marine Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-133(Invalid) Lemissoler Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-134Kalba Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-135Professional Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-136(Invalid) Meti Shipping Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-137(Invalid) BHN Offshore Services
RPSL-MUM-138(Invalid) Sarayu Shipping & Logistics
RPSL-MUM-141(Invalid) Navig8 Ship Management Pte. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-143(Invalid) Imperial Ocean Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-147(Invalid) M.T.M. Ship Management (India) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-152(Invalid) The Shipping Corp of India
RPSL-MUM-153(Invalid) Pacific Services
RPSL-MUM-154(Invalid) Sovereign Safeship Mgmt
RPSL-MUM-156(Invalid) Gulf Energy Maritime Services Pvt
RPSL-MUM-160(Invalid) Indico Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162(Invalid) Dolphin Offshore Shipping Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-166(Invalid) SE Shipping India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-174(Invalid) Transocean Shipping Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-175Seastar Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-179(Invalid) Fairmacs Catering Co. Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-184(Invalid) AA Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-185(Invalid) Nimbus Maritime Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-186(Invalid) C-Mar India Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-187Sibamar Marine Logistics Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-188(Invalid) G.S.Marine services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-189(Invalid) Pontus Ship Mgmt & Marine Consultancy
RPSL-MUM-190(Invalid) Aarti Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-192(Invalid) Glare Shipping Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-193(Invalid) Innovocean Maritime Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-194(Invalid) Maple Oceanlines Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-195(Invalid) Airborne Ship Mgmt Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-198Ind- Aust Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-202(Invalid) Maersk Line India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-204Adani Shipping (India) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-206(Invalid) Park Mansion Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-207Sea Trading Service & Ship Mgmt Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-209(Invalid) Ring Shipping & Trading Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-210R. R. Samudrika Marine & Infrastructure
RPSL-MUM-211(Invalid) Omega Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-212(Invalid) B.P. Marine Services Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-214(Invalid) Sea Suprita Ship Management Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-216DNS Marine Services Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-223(Invalid) AMS Ship Management
RPSL-MUM-224(Invalid) SM Ship Management Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-228(Invalid) Excelsia Shipping (India) Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-231(Invalid) Sairaj Marine Services Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-233(Invalid) Target Ship Management India Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-234(Invalid) Yeshsip Marine Transpoort Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-235(Invalid) Angel Maritime (I) Services
RPSL-MUM-241(Invalid) —blank—
RPSL-MUM-242(Invalid) Thinkship Marine Solutions Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-244(Invalid) Marine Crew Management Services Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-246(Invalid) Blue crystal Marine Services Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-248(Invalid) Supreme Shipping Servies
RPSL-MUM-249Krishnamrutam Enterprises Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-250(Invalid) S. S. Samarth Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-252(Invalid) Amag Ships Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-254(Invalid) Shri Mahavir Marine Services Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-255(Invalid) Sriram Institue of Marine Studies
RPSL-MUM-258(Invalid) Yak Education Trust
RPSL-MUM-260(Invalid) Ocean Express Management Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-262I-Marine Infratech (India) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-263(Invalid) Rolv Berg Drive (India) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-265(Invalid) Aurelia Marine Services Private Limited
RPSL-MUM-266(Invalid) Evangrove Shipping Mumbai Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-267(Invalid) Marian Crew Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-272(Invalid) Cosima Marine Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-274(Invalid) Seabon Shipping Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-277Pratishtha Marine Services Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-293Khadija Ship Management Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-299(Invalid) Seven Islands Shipping Ltd
RPSL-MUM-301Ashutosh Marine Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-314(Invalid) Northstar Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-323(Invalid) Goodwill Marine Technical Solutions Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-324(Invalid) Good Result Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-325(Invalid) 12Star Ship Management Co.Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-326(Invalid) D’Scorpio Vessels Private Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-329(Invalid) Darya Shipmanagement Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-331(Invalid) Join Hands Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-332(Invalid) Calm Seas Shipping & Maritime Services
RPSL-MUM-333(Invalid) Corporate Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-335(Invalid) Sasas Manpower Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-336(Invalid) Coral Reef Navigation (India) Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-338(Invalid) Golden Sparrow Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-341Sakshi Institute of Maritime Studies.
RPSL-MUM-345(Invalid) Vita Hospitality
RPSL-MUM-344(Invalid) His Grace Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-347(Invalid) Mare Maritime India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-354(Invalid) Freya Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-355(Invalid) Allcargo Shipping Company Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-356(Invalid) Majan Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-362(Invalid) Marvin International Ship Mgmt Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-366(Invalid) DMC Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-369(Invalid) Taco Services
RPSL-MUM-371(Invalid) Principality Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-375 Sea Hawk Placement of Marine Services
RPSL-MUM-377(Invalid) Velocity Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-379Frontline Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-381Westline Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-385(Invalid) Sea Education & Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-386(Invalid) Red Ocean Shipping Mgmt Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-388M V Shipping Mgmt Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-389(Invalid) Procyon Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-390Ocean Galaxy Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-391Oath Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-392(Invalid) New Era Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-393Sagar Offshore Maritime Academy
RPSL-MUM-394(Invalid) Casablanca Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-395(Invalid) Siyaram Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-396(Invalid) Doris Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-397Arise Ship Management LLP.
RPSL-MUM-398(Invalid) G.M.S. Offshore Service Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-402Main Mast Marsec Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-404Sanska Maritime Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-406Ameya Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-407(Invalid) Asha Intl Institute of Marine Technology
RPSL-MUM-411Swar India Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-413(Invalid) Seatide Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-414A L Huzair Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-415(Invalid) Hsna Maritime Education and Research
RPSL-MUM-418(Invalid) Sealiance Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-419Trishika Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-420(Invalid) Primanav Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-422Varuna Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-423TMC Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-424A N Line Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-428Regal International Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-433(Invalid) Sea4 Marine Shpping Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-435(Invalid) Ocean’s Pride Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-436(Invalid) AL Marine And Aviation Training Center Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-437Five Stars Shipping Company Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-442(Invalid) Angel Fleet Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-448(Invalid) Avion Marine Services Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-450(Invalid) Seafarers Satisfaction Shipping & Crew Mgmt
RPSL-MUM-454JMC Ship Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-457Elite Mariners Security Consultants Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-458(Invalid) Patsloke Marine (I) Pvt.Ltd
RPSL-MUM-459(Invalid) Seatask Ship Management Pvt.Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-462Maersk Tankers India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-478(Invalid) Tanker Ship Management offshore Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-479Prime Oceanic Shipping Pvt Ltd
RPSL-MUM-480(Invalid) Celestial Ocean Ship Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-481Integri Marine & offshore Services Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-485Unigro Shipping Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-488(Invalid) Trycon Marine Services Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-492Akal Sahai Shipping Management Pvt. Ltd
RPSL-MUM-502(Invalid) Sailfast Maritime India Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1011(Invalid) Reesen Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-1024Bastila Ship Management Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162022Metteyya Marine & Shipping Services
RPSL-MUM-162024(Invalid) Avikya Shipping Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162035(Invalid) Hessonite Crew Management (OPC)
RPSL-MUM-162037Seawealth Marine Pvt. Ltd.
RPSL-MUM-162039Intermarine Ship Management Pvt.Ltd

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