1Redness in the EYE can be caused byWelding
2Ships personnel not allowed to commence duty with a blood alcohol concentration greater than0.05%
3What is the danger when working under Falling objects?Head injury
4Precautions to prevent oil pollution include but are not limited to;All of the above.
5As per MARPOL Annex - 1 definition, Special area means.Areas as defined by Annex-1, where special mandatory methods are adopted for the prevention of sea pollution by oil
6Tool box talk conductedBefore every job
7A book for maintaining complete records of garbage transfer to ship / shoreGarbage log
8A suez max crude carrier is ideally termed to be of the size120,000 - 199,999 DWT
9As per SOLAS ch 11.2, As soon as but not later than two weeks after joining the ship crew members to be trained in LSA & FFA appliancesFALSE
10The maximum permission limit for blood alcohol content is50mg/100ml
11What does Annex III of Marpol 73/78 deal with?Harmful substances in packaged form
12Operational discharge of chemicals can only be carried out as per the provision of MARPALTRUE
13What kind of warning signs should be placed on manholes in to void spacesBreathing Apparatus mandatory sign
14Work activities that require Permit to Work (PTW)All of the above
15Which of the following is a man overboard manoeuvreWilliamson turn
16Your vessel is a tanker in ballast and two vessels are interlocked after collision you have already made clear that all people are well and taken care of and you will try to separate the two vessels what should be your greatest concern?that the separation may cause sparks that can possibly ignite the oil or any other flammable substances
17What kind of safety sign(s) needs to be in place in connection with work in radar masts?A fixed sign on the mast plus signs on each radar when work is in progress in the mast.
18The parent instrument for the mandatory ISM code:SOLAS Chapter IX
19Ballast water exchange can be carried out in water atleast ____ mts depth.200
20Your vessel have been in collision with another vessel. You are taking in water and you have to prepare for leaving the vessel. How will you act?Send a distress message and collect survival suits/thermal bags
21What is the danger when working on oily surfaces;Slip
22General Emergency Alarm is continuous rigning of the bellFALSE
23Damage suffered by a passenger in a vessel;Athens Convention
24What permits are required for doing welding on a hydraulic pipeline in a Fresh water tankAll of the above
25Onboard familiarization is conductedWithin 24 hrs of joining
26What is the most likely cause of "Cuts"?Sharp Object
27A book for maintaining complete records on Oil transfers within and outside the shipOil record book
28The Master is responsible that all crew participate in monthly emergency drill. If 25% of the crew or more has not participated in such drill during the last month, what is the time limit to conduct such drill after the vessel has left a port?Within 24 hrs
29Oil record book part IIAll of the above
30What method shall be used when hauling survivors out of the sea (state of survivor critical)Using Nets
31As per SOLAS ch 2.1 drills, which is correct?All of the above
32What effects the good communication?All of the above
33Incineration of ________ is prohibited except shipboard incineration of type approved materialsPVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)
34What is the maximum validity of a permit to work24 hours
35What kind of warning signs should be placed on manholes in to void spacesWarning signs that indicate lack of oxygen inside
36What is the most likely cause of "Suffocation:?Lack of oxygen
37Instructions for onboard maintenance of life saving appliances shall be easily understood and illustrated wherever possible, which of the following do not necessarily have to be included in the instructions according to present regulations?Checklist for periodic inspections
38Which book is used for maintaining complete daily records?Log Book
39What are the problems in communication onboard ship:All of the above
40If you were put in charge of a fire team what is the minimum number of men wearing BA sets that you would allow.2 men
41Annex IV of MARPOL, deals with sewage. How does it affect shipboard operations concerning processing and treatment of sewage?It is required by the united states only and an approved sewage plant must be installed onboard
42As per the definition of MARPOL Annex - 1, a combination carrier means a ship designed to carry:Either oil or solid cargoes in bulk
43Confirm that all gas tight doors and access hatches are kept open before sailing, and make sure that they are kept open throughout the voyage.FALSE
44At Sea, if someone fell overboard and you did not know over which side the person fell, you shouldStop the propellers from turning and throw a Life Buoy over the side
45Strategic napping short term relief technique is most effective if10 to 15 min long
46During injury to personnel, following action to be takenAll of the above
47Safety helmets are to be used during work to protectHead
48When there is a fire in cargo hold, oil in adjacent tanks to be drained / transferred.TRUE
49The Master may conduct random unannounced alcohol tests at leastMonthly
50What is the most likely cause of Chemical burns?Acids and alkalis
51The Parent instrument of IMO is: (No comments on options given)Kept lying down and warm
52Intact stability booklet comes underLoad line convention
53What is the most likely cause of "Particle in eye"?Flying dust
54Following personnel shall not be allowed to carryout a Aloft work;all the options
55Boler suits or overalls is provided to protectSkin
56If you saw wisps of smoke coming seeping out under the engine room door you would immediately;raise the alarm
57What is the appropriate time for using distress flare and rockets;Only when there is chance of being seen by SAR units or any ship
58Note making is difficuly because:Written language is different from spoken language
59What is PPEPersonal protective equipment
60Most enclosed lifeboats will automatically right themselves if they capsize. This will occur when which of the following conditions exists?The passengers are trapped to their seits
61Correct use of LSA appliances should be demonstrated to crew as soon as possible, but not later than _____ after joining the vessel.2 weeks
62Disposal of used / expired chemical container should be done by;disposal as per makers instructions
63Drills must be held within ______ of sailing if more than 25% of crew --------------------24 Hours
64The contigency plans should be in identifying various types of emergencies which may arise on a particular ship and may incluse;All of the above
65Water tight sliding steel doors used below water linemust be able to close ---------TRUE
66Safety committee meeting is held onboardEvery Month
67Responsible for any fine incurred to vessel because him on drug abuseCrew member
68A limit of ____ % on the Sulphur content of marine fuel oil will apply designated Sox Emission cargo vessel0.05% (actual answer is 0.50%)
69Below precautions on entering dangerous spaces is NOT relevant;Communication is never checked
70In case of fire in a container the same should be jettisonedFALSE
71Which sea area is marked as a special area for pollutionNorth Sea
72At muster stations during drills check include, 1. Checking passengers and crew suitably dressed. 2) Checking life jackets suitably dressed. 3) Starting and operating life boat engines.TRUE
73Qualities of a good team member listed belowAll of the above
74What is the danger when working with sharp tools?cuts
75Which one of the following organisation of IMO consists of all member statesAssembly
76Types of communication available onboardAll of the above
77Disadvantages of written communication methodThe preparation of written documents is time consuming
78Boiler suits or overalls is provided to protectHead
79What is the main reason for having a person positioned immediately outside a confined space whilst work is taking place inside it?To get the rescue plan underway is an emergency
80__________ Shall be launched and operated on the water on at least once in three monthsBoth life boat and rescue boat
81Which of the following behaviors reduces your risk for injuryBoth A & B
82Advantages of written communication methodHighly technical topics can be presented using words and diagrams
83Your vessel have been in collision and you are not sure if your vessel is sinking or not. How will you handle the situation?Search for missing persons. Continue to monitor situation and prepare for abandonment in case it become necessary.
84What is pollution?it is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change
85Seafarers duties / responsibilities in an emergencyKnow the Emergency signals & report to Muster Station
86ISM Code;is the standard for establishing a system for safe management and operation of vessels and pollution prevention
87A person has fallen overboard and is being picked up with a lifeboat. If the person appears in danger of drowning, the lifeboat should make _____the most direct approach
88Which engineering staff is in charge of engine room maintenance?Chief Engineer
89loose gear should be lashed in front of the freeing ports so it will not roll about decks, FALSE
90Displace of vessel isnumber of long tons of water displaced by a vessel when afloat
91If the engine of a lifeboat does not start, check to see ____that the fuel valves is open
92Discrimination is a making judgement or statement based on comparisionTRUE
93Components of pollution;Both of the Above
94The weight of liquefied petroleum gas vapors as compared to air is;heavier
95Seafarers join on ships areAll of the above
96Reasons to adopt ISM code;provides for a safe working practice and develops a safe environment onboard ship.
97Immersion suits can be unpacked and donned within ____2 min
98What is the spoken emergency signal for a distress signal over a VHF radio?MayDay
99The Master discuss with the _______ about any issue that needs shore assistant.Superintendent
100Which of the following is against MARPOL regulations;Pumping out bilges
101The most frequent incidents of tanker pollution occuring during tanker operations is _____loading and discharging
102Contracts for seafarers while joining shipIndependent written agreement signed by both parties is binding
103Maximum working hours;72 hours in any 7 day period.
104Under stcw regulations, what must each new crew member do before commencing assigned duties?be familiar with safety procedures
105Compare to oil tankers, chemical tankers aremore complex to operate
106How can information regarding a sick person or injured person be disseminated to the CIRM?by using the appropriate reporting form
107What is the primary risk when working in enclosed spaces;Lack of oxygen
108Physical stressis often a symptom of emotional stress
109When the survival craft is supplied with bottles of compressed air they are used for ______an air supply for personnel
110Proper lookout is one kepy by sight hearing as well as by all other meansTRUE
111Area where due to oceanographical and ecological condition special compulsory methods are to be used for prevention of pollution is called;Special Area
112Managers should deligate task effectively using simple rules including;use face to face contact when assigning jobs rather than email or phone calls.
113A seafarer has the right toAll of the above
114The daily rest period is divided into two periods;one of which is of atleast 6 hours duration
115You are standing the wheel watch when you hear the cry "Man overboard Starboard side" you should instinctively ____give rudder to stbd / right side
116In a distress situation, how many times or for how long should the emergency alarm signal be sounded?until all crew members and passengers have reported to their respective muster stations
117After having activated the emergency position indicating radio beacon (EPIRB), you should ___Leave it on continuously
118Balancing life goals, taking charge of thoughts and emotions, and managing schedules are all component of _____Coping with stress
119A lifeboat should be launched by two personsIn less than 5 minutes
120How many annexes are there in MARPOL;6
121Graceful posture is a great _______ in any profession.asset
122Crew competency meansWell trained personnel with proper certification
123All seafarers have minimum annual leave with pay based;2.5 days per month of employment
124What is the remedy to save face from spark generated during welding and grinding?Face Shields
125Displacement refers to the _____number of long tons of water displaced by a vessel a float
126The international distress, safety and calling frequency is channel ___16
127Your vessel is taking on fuel oil when a small leak develops in the hose and you have ordered the pumping stopped;replace the hose
128One of the most important factors determining the success of an orgination is;Performance of it's employees
129Which is the lifesaving signal for, "This is the best place to Land"?vertical motion of a white flag or the arms
130Less than how many miles from closest land, seawage cannot be discharged to sea which is not comminuted or disinfected;12
131When taking FO (Fuel Oil), it is important to know that petroleum vapours are;Heavier then air and may settle in compartments in surrounding areas of ship (Biles, etc.)
132Action of the first person who notices fire in any part of the ship toSound the fire alarm using the fire alarm switch nearby
133Seafarers lodging a complaint;a solution to the grievance shall be given within Seven days.
134Which is the lifesaving signal for, "This is the best place to Land"?Green star rocket
135The windlass is located atthe forecastle of the ship
136If more than one liferaft is manned after the vessel has sunk, which action will aid in your rescue?Tie each of the rafts together and try to stay in a single group
137Positive recognition for job performance is;Used to help individual team members feel good about themselves
138Direct blood contact occurs through all except;Sharing of beds
139Where are remote readouts for oxygen concentration, pressure and temperature of an inert gas system required to be located?Cargo control and engine control consoles
140The oily water separator plant should stop discharging overboard if concentration of oil goes above;15 PPM
141Which of the following is the first thing to do prior commencing cargo operations on Oil Tankers;Ship and terminal to complete ship shore safety checklist
142Hazards of working aloftBoth A & B are correct
143Seafarers lodging a complaint;If no resolution of the dispute can be obtained onboard, the seafarer has 10 days to bring it to the ship owner.
144Your vessel is equipment with totally enclosed lifeboats, which statement is True when the boat is enveloped in flames?An air tank provide about ten minutes of air for the survivors and the engine.
145Human element on ship meansHuman behavior
146if it was required to abandon the ship, you would;assist the passengers to slip into the water or liferaft
147Self induced stress is mainly due to;personality
148When a fuel oil tank is being topped off during bunkering operations the tank valve should be closed _____after the shore pumps are stopped
149Oil record book part 2 is forCargo / Ballast Operation record
150While your vessel is taking FO, you noticed oil around your vessel on water surface. What should you do first;Stop taking FO
151Seafarers lodging a complaint (if the dispute can still not be resolved satisfactorily);The ship owner and the seafarer concerned shall have a period of 20 days to solve the matter.
152What is a Muster List?a list that specifies the details of the general emergency alarm, action to be taken by the crew specified how the order to abandonship will be given.
153What is the Key to leadership?effective communication
154A muster station list includes;the place of emergency assembly
155Oil pollution regulations require any transfer or discharge of oil or oily mixtures to record in theOil Record Book
156Fuel oil tank vents must be fitted with corrosion resistant screens to prevent _____flames entering the tank
157Oil Record Book Part 1;Machinery space operations
158Discharging of transfer of Garbage while in port to shore facility must be recorded.TRUE
159MARPOL Annex II, Regulation for control of pollution deals withNoxious liquid substances in bulk
160Many hazards exist on a ship. The obligations to safety of a seafarer when working with other;the obligation is continuous
161In heavy seas the helmsman should steer the survival craft _____into the seas
162How do you combat harassment?By being assertive
163When should the control of flooding of your vessel be addressed?following control of fire
164Comminuted or ground garbage which will be discharged into the sea, must be able to pass through a screen with a mesh size no larger than _____25 millimeters
165One consideration for determining the safest maximum rate at which bunker fuel may be received is by the ______filling the self righting bags
166Annex VI of the Marpol is;Air Pollution from ship
167You are transferring a FO from supply vessel to your ship, If you close off one tank in the line of tanks being filled, the flow rate to other open tanks on the same line will;Increase
168Under the "Duty of Care", a seafarer;must always ensure that loose hear is secured.
169What should you do when you hear the ship's emergency signal?report to your muster station
170What governs safe procedures at workInternational Safety Management (ISM) Code Safety & Health
171A motor lifeboat shall carry sufficient fuel to operate continuously for a period of which duration?24 hours
172During fueling operations, which of the listed precautions should be taken when topping off fuel tanks?Reduce the pumping rate and sound tanks frequently
173Problem solving, improvements in methodology and relationships and greater productivity are sign of Good communication
174What are the hazards associated with climbing a gangwaysFear of height
175Disposal of food waste comminuted or ground (outside of special area);? 12 nm, En-route and as far as practicable
176Irritable bowel symptoms results from;Effect of Alcohol in the large intestine
177Spaces containing batteries require good ventilation because?ventilation avoids flammable gas accumulation
178What is discrimination?Making false statements about others
179You are evacuating crew members from a survival craft that has been adrift in the North Atlantic for several days, what could occur if a person suffering from hypothermia is vertically lifted in a rescue sling to the helicopter?Severe shock or cardiac arrest
180Wearing a lifejacket what will be a miximum safe height above the water that you can jump from?4.5 meters or 15 feet
181Alcoholic hepatitis is the effect of alcohol on theliver
182Disposal of food waste not comminuted or ground (outside of special area);? 12 nm, En-route and as far as practicable
183Stress is considered to be ______ condition;Mental and Physiological.
184You are in a survival craft broadcasting a distress message, What information would be essential to your rescuers?your position by latitude and longitude
185In verbal communication process, the direct exchange of _______ occursm between the sender and the receiver.words
186Lifebuoys are subject to which of the following tests?all of the above
187A line throwing appliance is usedto make a connection between a dstressed ship and a safe ship to pass towing line
188Chronic depression can causechronic alcoholism
189Communication;is simply the act of transferring information from one place, person or group to another.
190Distress flares need to be renewed every?Three years from the date of manufacture
191Speech rate is usually much _______ than the rate at which we thinkslower
192A continuous ringing if ship's bell indicates;a fire emergency
193How often should immersion suits and thermal protective aids be inspectedmonthly
194Which procedure should not be done for a person who has fainted?Give pain reliever
195Every communication;involves (atleast) one sender, a message and a recipient.
196The revolving drum of a windlass which is used to handle lines is called as?Wrapping drum
197Name the two officers who liaise with each other to try out the steering gearThird Engineer & Third Officer
198After being called to muster stations, if some time will elapse before abandonment, the Master should ensure that all passengers and crew;have a good drink of water and collect warm clothing
199Listening comprehension refers to;understanding an oral message
200The person steering the ship when required isable seaman
201Amphetamine is a _____ and an appetite suppressantStimulant
202The parent instrument for IMO is;The IMO Convention
203Verbal Communication;Refers to use of symbols in the form of spoken words to transmit message
204What bare minimum should be done before working on electrical equipment?complete electrical isolation checklist
205The problem of misunderstanding can be eliminated by providing _____ to the clients, while explaining the process.examples
206You have heard the signal seven short + one prolonged blast, you should?collect the nearest available lifejacket and proceed on deck as fast as possible
207In order to comply with safety policies and procedures, ship's crew and officer must;stop unsafe practices which may cause accidents, injury or environmental pollution
208What is the difference between net tonnage and gross tonnageNet tonnage is the gross tonnage less certain deductible spaces
209Which of the following probably would not be a helpful way to deal with the stress?Spending less time talking about the problems with friends and family
210Non-Verbal communication;refers to the use of symbols other than words to transmit messages.
211What is the international sign for Man Overboard.Three long blasts on ships whistle
212Empathetic Listening helps you to:Improve mutual understanding and trust
213Smoking is only permitted in the galley between mealsFALSE
214The ISM code requires work procedures which ensure ______ performanceSafe
215Which of the following causes stress?Both financial and social problem
216Which book is used for maintaining complete Daily Records?Log Book
217Interpersonal communication;is also known as self talk or thinking
218A short and a prolonged blast three times over on the ships horn indicates Abandon ship?FALSE
219The receiver could misunderstand receivers message and this could lead to a barrier to effective communication
220A person who sees someone fall overboard should ____call for help and keep the individual in sight
221The poop deck is locatedadjacent to the steering flat
222As a stress management tool, being practical requires that you ______Set realistic goals
223Interpersonal communication;is the communication we have with other people.
224Information on safety and hazard control practices and procedures on a vessel is described in ?the vessel's safety management manual
225What is the lifesaving signal at day for "you are seen - assistance will be given as soon as possible?Orange smoke signal
226Eye protection is required for which of the following hazards?All of the above
227As a watch stander, when should you relieve your prior watchstander?30-15 minutes before the start of your watch
228Which of the following is not a symptom of stress?Self esteem
229After transferring fuel to another vessel, hoses should be drained ______into the drip tray at the manifold
230Public communication;refers to public speeches that we deliver in front of audiences.
231Safety equipment is checked by the crewbefore and during each voyage
232Life jacket should be marked with the _____vessel's name
233Welding shields primarily protect against;Metal splatter
234What marking must be clearly visible on a crane?Safe working load
235Which of the following statements is not true when you try to control others?It gives you peace of mind
236A vessel in distress should send by RT the two tome alarm signal immediately followed bySpoken word MAYDAY x 3 times
237Mass communication;refers to any type of media that is used to communicate with mass audiences
238When securing the accommodation for sea, empty lockers don't need to be closedFALSE
239When firing, the line throwing apparatus should be held at:45 degrees to the horizontal
240Hearing protection is required when you are exposed to a noise level of 85 decibels or higher for an 8 hour period of timeTRUE
241The forecastle is atfore part of the ship
242The radar mast of a ship is onthe monkey island
243MOB marker when activated emits _____ smoke for _____ minOrange, 15
244Barrier to communication;Anything that hinders the process of communication.
245Where would you find details of your tasks and duties in case of an emergency?in the muster list
246Whn using a handheld smoke signal aboard a survival craft, you should activate the signal _____on the downwind side of the craft
247Which of the following types of gloves should you wear when working with chemicals?Butyl rubber gloves
248How do you combat harassment?By being assertive
249What precaution should be taken while lifting heavy loads in the engine roon?All personnel should stand clear of the load being lifted
250What should be done to save face from injury when spark is generated?Face shield
251Effective listening skills;are the ability to actively understand information provided by the speaker and display interest in the topic discussed.
252Which of the following is considered to be the safest protection from static electric discharge, when connecting or disconnecting cargo hoses and metal arm's.Ship shore bonding cable
253Personal protective equipment is required when;Engineering, work practice and administrative controls do not provide sufficient protection against hazards.
254A muster list includes?The place of emergency assembly
255When securing accommodation for sea, empty lockers need to be closed;TRUE
256Interpersonal relationship refers;to a strong association among individuals working together in the same organization.
257Reporting, Near Miss, is encouraged under which maritime instrument?ISM code
258How many VHF Survival Craft transceivers are required aboard passenger ships?3
259The safe and efficient use of the face piece of a demand type self contained breathing apparatus is directly influenced by;all of the above
260Which of the following happens during a stress response;Strength increases
261A short and prolonged blast three times over on the ships horn indicated "Abandon Ship";FALSE
262Team building;is about providing the skills, training and resources that your people need, so that they can work in hormony.
263An emergency station list should be displayed on any vessel with more then.4 Crew Members
264Most enclosed lifeboats will automatically right themselves if they capsize.This will occur when whichof the following condisions exist?The passangers are strapped to their seats
265The person who is responsible for ensuring that the required drills are carried out is the;the master, skipper or designated person
266Which deck officer is in charge of cargo operations?Chief Officer
267Teamwork;is the collaborative effort of a group to chieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way.
268What is a ship's contigency plan?the plan for safety preparedness
269After being launched , a totally enclosed lifeboat which has been afloat over a long period of time, requires_________.regular checks and pumping out of the bilge levels
270Information on fire safety and hazard control practices and procedures on a vessel is described in;the vessel's Safety Management Manual
271Multipurpose ships are generally used for carrying?heavy lift cargo
272Social responsibility;is defined as the duty of business to do no harm to society.
273Warning signage information for restricted areas and emergency procedures, should be known and implemented
274After having activated the emergency positions indicating radio beacon(EPRIB), you should_____.leave it on continuously
275In the event of person falling overboard, youwould;ask passengers to stand back to allow crew to manage emergency
276Garbage management plan (GMP) and a Garbage Record Book;mandatory that every ship of 400 GT and above which is certified to carry 15 passengers or more.
277Body language includes a person's eye contact, smile, frown, etc. That conveys ?messages
278Answering signals made by life-saving stations when signals are seen from a ship by day areOrange smoke signal
279In the event of a small rubbish bin fire in the accommodation, you would;cover it with a fire blanket
280_____________ arrive on the ship for inward clearancePort Officials
281Sleep debt is;the effect of not getting enough sleep.
282When will you conduct drills when 25% of crew has not done drills beforeWithin 24 hrs of sailing
283Lifejackets are keptwhere they can be easily seen and accessed
284Which of the precausions listed should be observed when taking on diesel fuel?prohibit smoking in the area.
285Communications between member of a fire fighting team;must be clear, concise, acknowledge and timely.
286If the relative bearing is steady there isa risk of collision
287Fatigue;is the state of feeling very tired, weary or sleepy resulting from insufficient sleep, prolonged mental or physical work, or extended periods of stress or anxiety.
288What will you consider as a greatest risk when two vessels collide and are embeddedAll of the above
289If you noticed that a piece of equipment is broken what should you do?report it to the officer on watch
290The volatility of a liquid is the tendency of a liquid tovaporise
291Stress that occurs for a long period of time are referred asChronic Stress
292Circadian clock;referred to as the body clock, circadian rhythm is a 24 hours cycle that rules all of us.
293What should you do first if you see a man fall's overboard?release the nearest lifebuoy on the side he has fallen
294The flash point of a liquid means the temperaturethat a liquid must reach before it will flow readily
295HIV / AIDS is not transmitted bySharing toilets or waste facilities
29617 hours awake is equivalent to a blood alcohol content of;0.05
297Damage suffered by a passenger in a Passenger vessel is covered underAthens Convention 1974
298Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) entered in to force from20th Aug 2013
299fuel oil tank vents are fitted with corrosion resistant screens to prevent _____flames entering through the tank vent
300Informal feedback of an indivudual performance is typically carried outTo maintain high level of employee motivation
30121 hours awake is equivalent to a blood alcohol content of;0.08
302Duties of crew onboard vessel includes ensuringAll of the above
303The term "load on top" is used on many crude oil carriers, is to provide a method for _____the loading of new cargo into a decanting slop tank as a procedure to minimiza pollution.
304What is the first task to complete before commencing hot work?To complete a hot work permit.
30524-25 hours awake is equivalent to a blood alcohol content of;0.1
306Permit to work system is necessary forfor ensuring safety of personnel
307The amount of expansion space to be left in a fuel tankwhen fuel oil is being received, is determined by the ____fuel temperature as it is received
308The towing arrangement is located atThe stern of the ship
309Maximum hours of work shall not exceed;14 hours in any 24 hours period
310While entering in to enclosed spaces checks have to be done by Baoth A & B are correct
311The vapour given off by heated fuel oil are heavier than air and are _____explosive
312What departments are there onboard a vessel3 - Engine, Deck and Salon
313Minimum hours of rest shall not be less than;10 in any 24 hour period / 77 hours in any seven day period
314Continuous working in enclosed space requires21% oxygen continuously
315The high level and over fill tank alarm, installed in the onboard monitoring system, must ____be both audible and visual
316Containers are loaded onboard a gearless cellular container ship byShore gantry cranes
317Interval between consecutive period of rest shall not exceed;14 hours
318Who is responsible to pay the fine incurred on a vessel after a crew member is caught abusing drugsCrew Member
319General Emergency onboard could beAll of the above
320During Bunkering, to avoid pressure in the FO filling system you should?reduce loading rate when topping off
321Sleep is also known as rapid eye movement (REM) sleep because;during this stage the eyes begin to move rapidly under the eyelids.
322Effects of Drug & Alcohol abuse onboardAll of the above
323It is generally Not Allowed to clean up oil spill using;Chemical Agents
324Prior to joining, seafarers lined up for embarkation shall be tested for;Drug and Alcohol Abuse.