Largest Crude Oil Tanker in the World as of 2023

Today, while reading the ISGOTT, a question came to my mind: What is the largest crude oil tanker currently in operation around the world in 2023? Upon doing some research, I found that the information provided on most websites seems to be incorrect or outdated.

This lack of accurate, up-to-date data compelled me to write a blog post highlighting the biggest oil tankers currently in service world wide.


Largest Crude Oil Tanker

OCEANIA is the largest crude oil tanker operational in the world, with a length of 380 meters and a dead weight of 441,584 metric tons. However, due to various restrictions, in 2022 it has been converted into a FSO and currently anchored in Sungai Linggi, Malaysia as storage tanker.

The owner of the largest crude oil tanker, Oceania, is Euronav Shipping NV, a Belgium-based company that has etched its name in the history of super tankers as the last ULCC owner.

Largest Crude Oil Tanker

  • Name: The OCEANIA, previously known as the Seaways Laura Lynn (in 2018), the Overseas Laura Lynn (in 2015), the TI Oceania (in 2004), and the Hellespont Fairfax (in 2003).
  • Length: 380 meters (1,247 feet)
  • Beam: 68 meters (223 feet)
  • Deadweight tonnage: 441,585 metric tons
  • Owner: Euronav Shipping NV
  • Built: 10 April 2003

Worlds biggest tanker ULCC Oceania

A total of four sister ships of the same size and deadweight tonnage were constructed.

All four have been converted into floating storage and offloading units (FSOs) with the current names FSO ASIA, SA EUROPE, FSO AFRICA, and OCEANIA.

However, based on current deadweight tonnage figures, the OCEANIA is the largest.

Therefore, the title of the biggest crude oil tanker is currently held by the FSO OCEANIA.

Four ULCC Currently Providing Service as FSO

Sr.NoNameDWT (MT)L x B x D(m)
1OCEANIA441,585380 x 68 x 24.53
2SA EUROPE441,561380 x 68 x 24.53
3FSO ASIA432,023380 x 68 x 24.53
4FSO AFRICA432,023380 x 68 x 24.53

When we are talking about super tankers, let’s look at the biggest oil tankers ever built in the history of shipping.

11 Largest Crude Oil Tanker in the world

01Seawise Giant458.46564,763
02Pierre Guillaumat414.23555,051
04Bellamya414.22 m553,662
06Esso Atlantic406.57516,895
07Esso Pacific406.57516,895
08Nai Superba381.92409,400
09Nai Genova381.92409,400
10Berge Empress381.82423,745
11Berge Emperor381.82413,999


One category below comes Very Large Crude Oil Carriers DWT ranging 160,000–319,999 MT and they are in huge numbers.

The OCEANIA stands out as the largest crude oil tanker actively in service today. With a mammoth deadweight tonnage of 441,585 metric tons, this converted ULCC turned FSO holds the top position for size among today’s fleet.

While larger ships like the Seawise Giant once ruled the waters, revised regulations have led to the decline of ULCCs as active tankers. Only a handful remain working as floating storage and offloading units.

The scale of the OCEANIA and her sister vessels, however, still represents an impressive feat of engineering. These ships demonstrate the astounding capabilities of naval architecture and shipbuilding to construct such goliaths of the sea.

Even as we move forward with more environmentally friendly options, the legacy of these record-breaking crude carriers persists as awe-inspiring examples of what humans can build. Their sheer size is a testament to both our ingenuity and excess.