GP Rating Course: A Complete Guide by a Merchant Navy Officer

In this post you are going to get all the required information about GP Rating Course in Merchant Navy, its details, eligibility, Job, fees, colleges and lot more. So what is the first thing comes into your mind?

Do look at the image below, I started my career as a deck rating and after giving my exams now I am an Merchant Navy Officer.

So this article is not written by any web developer or any agent but by a Seafarer who knows everything about the topic and reality of the Shipping Industry.

Do read complete article and if you are still confused at the end of the post I have given info on how you can contact me to clear all of your doubts before you start your career as GP Rating.

GP Rating Course to Deck Officer
From a Deck Rating to an Deck Officer Journe

WARNING – There are few fake websites of agents who are completely giving fake information and students are losing money because of those fake promises about job and how a 10th pass becomes an officer.

I will explain you in details on that topic later on. but for now just remember that its not easy to become an officer and also its not easy to get a job in merchant navy even if the agent promises you of 100% Placement guarantee. Remember once again who ever says 100% placement is 100% fake.

Why this Warning? Even I started my career as a Rating and today sailing as a officer in one of the best company in India, so am well aware of how people are making fake promises to students.

Lets move back on topic,

GP Rating

Whai is GP Rating Course in Merchant Navy

Read: What is Merchant Navy? (Future Post)

GP Rating Course also known as General Purpose Rating is a entry level course to join merchant navy as a Deck or Engine Ratings after passing Senior Secondary / 10th STD exams.

This course is a Pre-Sea Training (What is Pre-Sea? A training what we take before going to ship is called pre sea training)

Its a residential course where you will be staying for SIX Months in the institute and you will learn various aspects of merchant navy like types of ship, what job you will be doing and a proper way of doing it, safety at sea and a lot more.

What is the Job of GP Rating on Ship?

Job profile will be different based on which department you will join Deck or Engine.

Deck department – Ship Maintenance, Assist in Navigation and Cargo Operation,
Engine department – General Cleaning of Engine Room, Assist in Engine Room Maintenance.

GP Rating Course Eligibility Criteria?

Education Qualification:

  1. Minimum 40% marks from a recognized Board with English, Science and  Mathematics as subject in 10th/12th. or
  2. Minimum 40% marks from a recognized board 12th Standard (any stream) pass from government recognized board with 40% aggregate. English 40% at 10th / 12th but with subjects English, Mathematics and Science at 10th. or
  3. Pass in 2 year ITI Course (Fitter / Machinist / Mechanic / Welder / Turner) approved by DVET / NCVT with minimum 40% aggregate marks in final year of ITI & minimum 40% in English in 10th / 12th.

GP Rating Course Age Limit:

  1. Age Between 17.5 to 25 years on the date of course commencement,
  2. for diploma and Degree holder Maximum age limit is 27 years. (DGS Training Circular no. 10 of 2019)
  3. for SC/ST candidate maximum age limit is 30 years, (DGS Training Circular no. 4 of 2014).

GP Rating Course Fees:

BP Marine Academy2,50,000Navi Mumbai
Asha Marine2,50,000Varanasi (UP)
TS Rahman 2,00,000Nhava Sheva

Promotions after GP Rating Course:

Initially, you will join as Trainee OS on the deck and with experience, you will become OS, AB, Bosun or Pumpman or if you wish further, you can be an Officer.

Same for Engine Trainee Wiper in the engine room and with experience Wiper, Motorman, Fitter or Engineer officer.

What is GP Rating Salary?

Salary depends on company you will be working at, anywhere between 200$ to 350$ in the starting and will increase with time and experience.

Let me give you my salary details, As a Trainee I was getting 200$, As OS 900$, AB 1500$ and after that I gave my exams and became an Officer,

But it takes lot of hard-work and time to draw that salary. for example in any good company you will be doing at-least 2 or 3 contract as trainee and later 2-3 contract as OS, So to become an AB.

I would say minimum 5 ships before you become an AB on ship and same for Engine Ratings. Now another point is few people have asked me,

Which are the Top 10 Colleges for GP Rating Course?

For GP rating course theirs nothing so called top colleges all colleges are Director General of Shipping approved and after passing the course certificates are issued from the DG Shipping of India.

Still NUSI in Goa and TS Rahman in Nhava Sheva are good Institutes for the course as I have met few trainees in the past who got campus placement from TS Rahman training academy, For Nusi I don’t have any idea so can’t comment but institute is good.

GP Rating to Deck Officer / Captain:

Yes you can become an Officer after GP Rating course but only if you met the required criteria.

Like to give exam you need minimum 50% marks in English language but for GP Rating course the requirement was only 40%, so if you don’t have 50% in English you cant give exams from India. and If you are eligible for exams the time duration will be almost 2 to 3 years.

Yes 2 to 3 years, you might think How?

  1. 4 Months NCV Function Course, followed with Written Exams and Result publish,
  2. 2 Months – 2nd Mate Foundation course,
  3. 4 Months – 2nd Mate Function course.
  4. Orals Exam
  5. All STCW Courses
  6. Issuing of COC (Officers Certificate)

NOTE: I gave my exams from United Kingdom and cleared my 2nd Mate within One Year of Time, only drawback is I spend almost 12 Lakh rupees for the exam in UK.

And to Become Captain(Master) of a Ship you need to give Exams for 2nd Officer, Chief Officer and Master. It will take almost 15 years to be a Master of a Ship.

Is GP Rating course good or bad?

It is a Good course if you can find employment or else bad. (My personal opinion If you have any other career option do not  join Merchant Navy as the market is not good, Lots of candidates are Jobless and Govt is doing nothing) so you know how the GP Rating future will be.

If you have sponsorship from some good company sure you are welcome, Just stay away from agents promising you sponsorship or job most will run away after taking your money.

 Hope you have got all required Details of GP Rating Course, will keep updating this post with all the required info from time to time,

If you wish you can purchase my consultancy service for a minimum fees to know everything before choosing GP Rating Course as a career in Merchant Navy,

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