A Wakeup Call for DG Shipping and MMD

Hello Seafarers, I want to share my strong personal opinion about the DG Shipping and MMD in India. I’m completely against their practices. If you agree with me, I appreciate your support. However, if you have a different perspective, I kindly ask that you respect my views and try to understand what I’m trying to convey.

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I have been working at sea for the past 20 years, starting my career back in 2003. Throughout these years, I have been increasingly frustrated with the Directorate General of Shipping (DG Shipping) and the Mercantile Marine Department (MMD).

My concern regarding the current state of affairs within the DG Shipping and MMD. It is disheartening to observe that no significant changes have occurred in the way these organizations operate. It appears that they possess a deep understanding of how to subject seafarers to mental harassment.

I always wish if theirs any way I can avoid any documentations with DG Shipping and MMD, Atleast for COC, DCE, GMDSS I found United Kingdom as an alternative and found myself relaxed of some mental harassment and every seafarers goes though in India.

Still, the CDC renewal can’t be avoided and need to go through the pain. And its an absolute nightmare for those giving their COC exams in India.

A small flash back:

  1. 2005: I gave my Watch Keeping orals in MMD Mumbai, in 2005. The surveyor behavior was very bad they don’t even know how to talk. High Authority and attitude problem.
  2. 2014: Tried to give my 2nd Mate from India: But because I was not having the required percentage in English, was unable to get through the assessment.

    – I scored 6.5 band in IELTS and easily got admission in United Kingdom.
    See the difference, An English-speaking country found me eligible to give exams from UK but in India, they restricted me due to not meeting the required % in English language.

    (I strongly oppose these criteria as they are taking the written and oral exams in English – hence this requirement seems to be rubbish)
  3. 2016: For AB COP: My CDC details were not in Master Checker, for that I sent them an email waited for 10 days and still no reply received. I Visited MMD and when I asked them to approve, the lady said there’s a lot of work, we don’t know how many days it will take to update the CDC renewal date.(Hell, this is the shit we need to face in MMD and DG – Because Seafarers are third world citizen and this people working in MMD are the only one in the world working)

    – Straight away, I came down and followed the right procedure to get the job done quickly.

    – And the very next day, Master Checker was updated. (Gandhi Ji once said, Ahimsa Paramo Dharma – So I followed his path, and my job was done without fighting or speaking a single word)

    – Now a very interesting thing, An email I sent them in 2016 related to my COP – I received a reply in 2023 :) (Kaha se ayese kalakaaro ko pakad k bithaaya hai re baba)

    DG Shipping a NightmareHighly appreciate the efficiency of DG Shipping/MMD, I got a reply after SEVEN Years (Bhagwaan kaha, hai tu). 

  4. 2023: Now I don’t have patience nor any respect for this people who are incapable of performing their duties.
  5. 13 Jan 2023: I applied for CDC Renewal Sticker:

    30 Jan 2023: The Application got rejected due to the difference of Name in My CDC and Passport. And they said to Apply for Replacement of CDC.

    – and what’s the difference – Name on CDC – Tiwari Ajit Kumar Byasjee, Passport: Ajit Kumar Tiwari.

    18 Feb 2023: I signoff due to sad demise of my father.

    20 March 2023: Applied for Replacement of CDC, without doing the Gazette Notification (Actually this Gazette Notification stuff got slipped of my mind and even I don’t know what exact change in name is required – as for past 20 years am sailing with the difference in name, Try to understand something they want me to change after spending 20 years at sea – So there was a doubt k bhaiya chahte kya ho)

    – As per me, why they need a Gazette Notification? They have my passport 
    details. 11 April 2023: I send them an email, seeking clarification on the specific changes they require in my name. (As my CDC is from 2003 and renewed in 2013 without any issue, The name on my CDC is “Tiwari Ajit Kumar Byasjee” while my Passport display the name “Ajit Kumar Tiwari”)

    20 April 2023: I received a reply with the same message as the one displayed in my CDC application page’s status.

    Does it make any sense? that you took 9 days for a reply that as well a copy past of same message which I already got on April 11, where is the answer to my query?

  6. Dg Shipping Nightmare26 April 2023: I received another reply, and this time they provided a thorough explanation regarding the specific issue and why they require the Gazette Notification.
    Dg Shipping Nightmare29 April 2023: I have sent them an email detailing all the procedures that I have followed, as per their instructions.

    – 08 May 2023: I went to MMD to get more information and clarification regarding CDC approval and SID biometrics Appointment.

    – The staff there informed me that the Gazette Notification hasn’t been uploaded. This caused more confusion because I had already followed all the given instructions. Now they told me that I need to re-upload it on my application status page along with my application form. What the Hell, these people can’t say at once, what exactly they need me to do.

    – 16 May 2023: Am still waiting for the DG to Approve my application or Reply to my email.17 May 2023: CDC Replacement Application got Approved, Waiting for Dispatch.19 May 2023: Status changed to CDC Dispatch.– 22 May 2023: Now the dispatch status was showing in Speed post tracking.

    25 May 2023: Received my CDC finally.


Am I alone facing this issue?

Am not alone in facing these issues. There are many other seafarers who are also dealing with similar challenges and frustrations within the industry.

Seafarers feel that their suffering often goes unnoticed and unaddressed, both onboard and on shore. They perceive a lack of concern from others regarding their challenges.

The lack of a collective force to challenge the practices of government organizations like DG Shipping and MMD is a significant issue. Seafarers have reluctantly come to accept the way these organizations operate, feeling powerless to initiate change.

Seafarers commonly experience a fear of retaliation and adverse consequences if they voice their concerns or grievances against these organizations. This fear acts as a significant deterrent to speaking up and seeking change.

Sufferings of Seafarers:

This is just an example – The list is huge.

In the Shipping Industry, it seems that only Capt Sanjay Prashar is the one who speaks up about this issue. However, there are times when DG listen, but there are also times when they choose to ignore it.

Sanjay Prashar

I am committed to persistently voicing my concerns until the DG Shipping acknowledges the adverse impact they have had on seafarers and recognizes the extent of their suffering. It is my sincere hope that they reflect upon their actions and experience a genuine sense of remorse.